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What is the role of the Alumni Association and House Corp. ?


The Central New York Alumni Association of Sigma Chi is just what the name suggests – we are made up of Sigma Chi Alumni who reside in Central New York or are alumni of the Psi Psi Chapter.  Our primary role is to promote good alumni relations by being the financial sponsor of the Saltine Sig – that is where the bulk of your annual dues go.  We use the firm Stewart Howe Alumni Services to maintain the database of members, collect dues and they publish the Saltine Sigs as often as requested.  We also serve as the coordinator for special alumni events like Homecoming and the Clam Bake.  We are hoping to begin new traditions like golf outings – which can take place wherever Psi Psi members are present.  You can follow us on Facebook – Psi Psi Chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity (Syracuse University) and on the website www.psipsi.org. For those who are general members, by paying dues you become a member in good standing and are eligible to participate in the Annual Meeting and vote for the Board of Directors of 737 Comstock Avenue, Inc. also known as House Corp. For a sense of participation, we sent out Saltine Sigs to 1,028 members and for 2012 had 54 members in good standing and 2013 just 35.  Since coming back on campus in 2008, only 2 recent graduates have signed up.  We need volunteers to participate in many of the committees which we hope will foster a good relationship with the undergrads like scholarship, ritual, career mentoring and the like. For those who are members, thank you for your support and for everyone else, we hope you will participate going forward.

In Hoc,

Brad Short


Central New York Alumni Association of Sigma Chi


So what is the role of House Corp.?  737 Comstock Avenue, Inc. (formerly Metropolitan Syracuse Sigma Chi Alumni Association Inc.) is a IRS Section 501 (c) (7) tax exempt entity whose purpose is to facilitate the provision of housing and board services to Sigma Chi Fraternity at Syracuse University.  House Corp. is run by a volunteer board of directors who are elected by the members in good standing.  The Board appoints officers who run the day to day affairs of the business. Simply put, we are the custodians of the property owned by House Corp. who collect housing and board fees and in turn employ the property management staff that support day to day house operations and administer the business affairs.  Our primary responsibility is to ensure the long term viability of the business which is to provide safe and affordable housing and food services to the undergraduate chapter members who live at 737 Comstock Avenue.  In carrying out our charge we sometimes have to be the disciplinarians enforcing House Rules & Regulations, dealing with collection of housing and board fees and taking actions where necessary to ensure the House is a safe place to live.  When all is said and done - we make sure 737 Comstock Avenue is a great place where friendships are formed that last a lifetime.

In Hoc,

Hank Suominen

President & Treasurer

737 Comstock Avenue, Inc.