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State of Chapter - Fall 2019


The Psi Psi chapter continues to thrive. This year has been a great one so far. We began with a very successful fall rush, taking in 6 young men we found worthy of wearing the White Cross. Recruitment has been something we pride ourselves on and we continue to excel in. We are excited for them to learn and grow as young men in the coming years inside the doors of 737 Comstock Ave.

Our philanthropic efforts are still very strong. We are continuing the tradition of holding a blood drive with the American Red Cross in the Chapter house at 737 Comstock. We easily met the quota for number of participants in the past, opening our doors to all of Greek life as well as the entire Syracuse University community. The blood that was donated has the potential to save over 150 lives. We also anticipate the coming of our Derby Days Philanthropy week, as we look to exceed our previous donation of $28,000 with a goal of $30,000 for the fight against cancer. This is an event that has a significant impact on both Greek Life and the Syracuse community as a whole as we are able to come together to contribute funds for the Upstate Galisano Children’s Hospital and the Huntsman Cancer Institute. Our newest pledge class also took time to give back to our community here in Syracuse. They spent their time making multiple trips to assist those in need around our community by providing nutritious meals to the hungry. We have built a great relationship with Lisa, the house maintenance manager who helps us in more ways than imaginable. Her hard work and dedication are the things that set us apart from other houses on this campus. She helps make sure things are in line for recruitment and makes sure she stays on top of any problems that may come our way.

Since Sigma Chi’s original implementation of the online pledge-learning program, P4B, we have really been able to work past the initial kinks and effectively applied the program to our pledge process. P4B was put in place to create a pledge program that every chapter can execute the exact same, given all Sigma Chis the same experience no matter what chapter they were initiated at. It was done to better educate and better protect the fraternity from things like hazing and other problems the fraternity has seen in the past. In the first semester of running the new program we are extremely pleased to see the learning experience it provides to the new members awaiting initiation, and the ease with which our Magister has been able to translate the values and ritual of Sigma Chi through P4B.

We are excited to continue to grow with our chapter advisor Mark Alton. Mark has been a tremendous help with any requests or advice we ask of him. Over the past few months he has been extremely helpful in our transition from the past regime. We thank Mark for his hard work and look forward to his continued time with our chapter.

The Psi Psi Chapter is in a great spot right now. We are creating a group of leaders in all aspects of the house, which will make things easier for those with positions in the future. At Psi Psi we look to build an environment that is uplifting and inspiring. Something that makes you want to be the best person and brother you can be. This energy is felt when you walk through the doors through the different experiences every member brings to the table. I am eager to see the younger men step up and continue the amazing traditions we have here at 737.


Guard well the honor of the cross,

Tommy Nolan

Consul 2019